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I'm answering the most-asked questions about my life.

How old are you?

I just hit 53 last week in June. I'm actually shocked how much healthier I feel at this age than I did when I was 23. Prior to 2020,

What made you decide to switch career paths?

My youngest son and his mental health as well as allergy issues. We struggled so long to find alternatives to medication. I didn't know then what I know now. If I did, he would have never been on psychiatric medication or OTC meds for his allergies.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I'm not a morning person so you will not see me up prior to 9AM unless I have an acupuncture or massage appointment in the early morning.

My day typically starts with warm lemon water with thyme. By the time I'm done, my doggies need to go outside so that's when I get in about 5-10 minutes of 'grounding' to connect with the earth. I then prepare and eat my first meal of the day. Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it's usually my largest one too. Lots of protein for muscle building and carbs for energy. Mon - Fri I work my full-time job so nothing personal happens until my duty day is done. Afterwards I typically have health coaching clients beginning at 3:30. If I don't have clients that day, I immediately head to the gym for 1.5-2 hours depending on the workout. Afterwards, I typically hit the grocery store on my way home. I prefer to shop for only 2-3 days worth of food at a time so that's it's always fresh. Once home, if it's nice outside, I'll meditate at sunset. Afterwards, I'll make my boyfriend and I dinner, we'll binge on our favorite tv show of the month and after he's in bed around 10PM, I do schoolwork. Of course, my weekends are similar but because I'm not working, I tend to go on walks, go on a hike or use the time to get housework done. I also use the weekends to catch up on more schoolwork. I love to learn so I'm never not enrolled in a certification course that is health & wellness related.

What feeds your soul?

CONNECTION!!! Being able to connect with God, Earth, Family & Friends is what life is all about for me.

Favorite Podcast(s)?

Wiser than Me - Julia Louis Dreyfus

Courageous Conversations with Mandie

The Heal Podcast - Kelly Noonan Gores

Up & Vanished - Payne Lindsey

Favorite Movie?

The Greatest Showman, The Notebook

Favorite Genre to read?

I really only read personal-development and wellness books but last fall I read 6 or 7 Colleen Hoover books and was truly obsessed with them.

Family? I have 3 grown children, a daughter in law, son in law, 2 grand daughters, 3 pups (2 golden doodles and a mini dachshund) 3 grand-pups and last but not least, an amazing boyfriend whom I live with.


Since 2020, I barely go out with friends any more. I'm not sure if it's because I became sober curious and then stopped drinking altogether in 2021 or if we just drifted apart. Regardless, my life is 100% fulfilled between spending time with my family or helping clients overcome years of unhealthy lifestyle habits. These days, fun for me is spending time in nature. Nature truly has been the source of my healing. I always felt like I was never closer to God than when I was communing in nature so that's is basically my happy place. Whether I'm out on a 3-6 mile walk on a gravel road where we live, out in the woods hiking and exploring or sitting on our floating dock meditating or using my acupressure mat - nature calls me home and is where I feel safe.

Future? Back when I was going thru school to become a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I knew after a few weeks that my ultimate goal was to open my own wellness sanctuary on our 10 acre property where I could offer 3 & 4 day healing retreats where women could come to receive Reiki, Healing Massage, Acupuncture, Nutrition Coaching, Cooking Classes and so much more from a CO-OP of female practitioners in the healing arts. I wanted my guests to feel like they found a safe place where they could share their inner most thoughts and feelings without judgement and then walk away feeling a sense of peace and rejuvenation but more so, to feel like they were held and loved so tenderly. My goals is to open our doors in 2026. I already found all the wonderful practitioners, now it's time to start manifesting the funds and financing so my dream to help others heal becomes a reality.

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