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I came to Suzanne because I had a strong feeling that she would be able to help me get to a place where I felt comfortable and confident in my skin. My sugar craving were through the roof, I was feeling sick every night before bed, and I had very little energy. Since working with her, I’ve cut out a ton of processed foods & sugar from my diet, I’ve incorporated much healthier food options for myself and my whole Family has gotten on board. I have more energy, my nighttime nausea has completely gone away and I just feel better overall. I loved that there wasn’t any moments of having to deprive myself of the foods that I love, it was just simply about making healthier choices, eating cleaner foods and being mindful about what and when I consume my meals. She also helped me learn more about how to read ingredients labels which was super helpful. Being more knowledgeable about my foods and actually still enjoying everything that I’m eating leaves me confident that this will be a lasting change for me. I am so grateful for the experience & working with Suzanne.

Amanda B.

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